Blogmas #8 - Driving Home For Christmas

Yesterday was finally the last day of the semester at university so at last I could pack up my belongings (of course I didn't leave packing until the last minute because I'm a super organised person *cough*), get into a festive mood and go home with my parents to enjoy Christmas with my family.

Before leaving for Norwich we decided to go for one last dinner at one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Lincoln at the moment, Homemade Buger Co. When eating out, I am guilty of pretty much always going for the burger option on the menu so this place is like a burger heaven for me! They hand make such a huge selection of burgers made from fresh ingredients which looks and tastes so much more delicious than the greasy mess that you can end up with in other places, my current favourite being the chicken, cheese and bacon burger, mmm. I love the rustic, home made feel of the place and the staff are so happy and friendly which always makes eating at a restaurant that much more enjoyable. If you are looking for a great new place to eat then I definitely recommend giving it a try!

I managed to stop and take a moment to appreciate the amazing looking winter sunset and grab a picture as we began to set off (I am an absolute sucker for a gorgeous sunset) and obviously I made sure we listened to Christmas classics all the way home. Although I absolutely love being away at university, you do tend to start missing your family and get a bit homesick sometimes but I find that this means you appreciate the time that you do have with them so much more. I am currently sat here watching some Christmas TV with my little dog curled up on my lap and enjoying a delicious hot chocolate. It's good to be home!

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