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COLOURING. Every school child's favourite past time has finally entered the socially acceptable realms of adulthood, with adult tailored colouring books becoming an ever more common hobby for people of all ages. Having just finished a super chaotic and time consuming second year of university, I have suddenly found myself with a huge abundance of free time, much more than I really know what to do with. On those rather annoying muggy and thundery rainy days that we seem to have all too often during the summer months, it can be all too tempting to spend the entire day in the comfort of your own home glued to a screen watching Netflix or endlessly browsing the internet. Other than learning French, which is a whole other blog post by itself, I have tried to persuade myself to crack out the colouring pencils and get scribbling away to keep preoccupied instead.

Colouring is one of those things that doesn't involve a whole lot of concentration (unless you're actually really terrible at staying between the lines like myself), making it the perfect thing to carry out while watching Youtube videos. Plus, considering all the equipment you need is the book and a pack of colouring pencils, it's easy to carry around for a boring commute. It may just be me, but sometimes when you're watching TV you have this urge to be doing something productive like colouring while you're watching rather than just sitting there. Colouring is also a great stress relief, which is perfect considering that I have found that watching euro 2016 usually becomes a little (a lot) stressful, especially when you're supporting England and they continue to dominate games without scoring and thus dropping points and losing the group to Wales *sigh*.

I feel like I am probably jumping onto the bandwagon a little late but I can't help but like the way that there are literally no rules when it comes to colouring, except of course the unspoken rule of staying between the lines at all costs. If you wan't to create a rainbow donkey, then you bloomin' well create a rainbow donkey, it doesn't have to agree with the laws of logic or physics. I find that it teaches patience when you have to fill in each little individual shape, of which there are soooo many, with any colour of your choice to create an overall precise pattern that you are happy with. As a self proclaimed perfectionist I seem to be very particular with the way that I colour. Every colour that I use has to be within a particular theme, there can't be too many blocks of the same colour and every bit of pencil has to be within the lines. Nothing sends me into cringe mode more than seeing a colouring picture where somebody has deliberately coloured outside the lines.. arghhh. Colouring is also a really good creative outlet for somebody with the creative potential of a potato and who struggles to even draw something as simple as a stick man. After all, what can be considered as 'art' is a matter of perception, so technically I can pretend that I'm actually an artist for around 30 minutes until I inevitably do something wrong. Although some of the better quality colouring books can cost a little more, colouring is a past time that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to undertake and is simple enough that anybody with arms (and potentially those without) can do!

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