Matalan Selvedge Jeans

I have been escaping to the nearby forest a lot recently when feeling stressed or in need of some serenity, so I decided that it would be the perfect backdrop for a spot of blog photography. There happens to be a beautiful lake where the wildlife is always so abundant at this time of year (we were constantly followed around by many a curious little squirrel) and being an outdoors person, sometimes spontaneous adventures accompanied by the immersion of sounds and scenery within nature can be the most peaceful escape from the real world.

I am the first person to put my hands up and admit admit that I really need to expand and experiment more with my wardrobe as a whole. I have become far too comfortable in the same old clothes and it is usually an extremely rare occasion that I opt to wear anything but black skinny jeans, mostly just because you can throw them on with any outfit for ease and versatility (black literally seems to go with everything).

I have read a lot about selvedge jeans, and how they are supposed to be far superior in terms of quality than regular jeans, so I was super excited to try these selvedge denim jeans from Matalan. After such a long period since the last time I actually ventured into the realm of denim, it was a rather unusual feeling slipping into a much more robust pair of trousers, at first feeling rather stiff and odd. The edges of the fabric in selvedge jeans are bound much more tightly than regular jeans, which is supposed to prevent fraying and also makes for a much more durable finish and feel. You can really tell a quality pair of jeans when you literally have to break them in before you can actually regain full movement in your legs and begin to walk around in them regularly, so after a few laps of my bedroom, lunging into weird positions (and probably completely embarrassing myself in front of the neighbours), they actually became a lot more comfortable. Although I usually go for the skinny style, I found that the slim actually fit surprisingly well and didn't look nearly as baggy as I thought they would.

In my opinion simplicity is key when it comes to the aesthetics of jeans, there is no need for millions of pockets that you're never going to use, or accessories that add nothing but unnecessary faff and clutter. These jeans pull off simplicity pretty well, comprising of the standard 5 pockets and a slightly lighter turn up at the bottom, allowing for an aspect of versatility and freedom in terms of styling. I have also found myself going through a bit of a jumper wearing phase at the moment, which I find are perfect for both the hot and cold weather during the unpredictable spring temperatures we seem to be having recently, so chose to compliment the darker bottom half with a contrasting ‘oatmeal’ coloured striped jumper to complete the perfect casual look.

High Tops - Topman

Disclaimer: Some items in this post were kindly gifted to me by Matalan, all opinions are my own.


Arianne said...

very nice :) I love that you paired it with that long-sleeve shirt :) It looks simple but there's a hint of class there.

Ella Catherine said...

I really like this outfit :) Completely get what you mean with the black skinny jeans thing, it literally feels like thats all I wear because they can just go with everything, so versatile haha!

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