Happy New Year - My Goals for 2015

It is hard to believe we are already coming to the end of another year, 2014 has been full of so many highs, lows and changes for me, especially the new and wonderful adventure of university and starting this little blog to share my thoughts and feelings. I am not normally one for making new year's resolutions but I thought that I would look ahead this year and set some goals to get the most out of 2015!

Rediscover myself

Predictable, I know but this year I just really want to work on just being myself. I have spent far too long trying to be someone that I'm not for people to like me or just to 'fit in'. I have realised that this does nothing but help you to lose one of the most important things you have, a personality, the thing that gives a sense of who you really are. The world would be an incredibly boring place if everyone had the same opinions, sense of style or personality.. This is why I want to be one of those people who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, have my own views and start doing more things that make me happy. I also aim to take life a lot less seriously and overcome the fear of leaving my comfort zone, start trying out new foods, visiting places that I have never been before and branch out my social circle to get the most out of life.

Improve as a blogger

2015 is most definitely going to be the year of the blogger, so my goal is for this to be the year for me to improve and grow as a blogger, becoming a bigger part of the blogging community, One of the main improvements I want to make is getting across more of my personality in blog posts to make them more relate-able to others, while enhancing the quality and length of the content. Also I plan to try my best to be more creative when posting, you see so many blog posts on the same sort of topics, which is fine, but I think really pushing the boundaries and being more original would take my content to the next level, it is always so much more enjoyable reading a blog post when people have a passion for what they are writing about. I love the photography aspect of blogging, there is such a satisfying feeling involved with taking a picture that you are proud of and incorporating that into your post, but I really want to develop my skills in this area as I am still a bit of a beginner when it comes to capturing that perfect moment on camera.

For me blogging isn't really all about the followers, I find it a great escape from everyday life to lose yourself writing about something that makes you happy and sharing it with others. Meeting new people and sharing bits of my life with people that are genuinely interested are one of my favourite parts of blogging, people actually following and reading my blog is just an amazing bonus!

Start a travelling adventure

I have had this underlying feeling of wanderlust for a long time now which sadly I haven't had the time or money to satisfy. It is also quite exciting that this year is my 21st birthday (wow so old!) and although I don't act or feel that old, I feel that it is the perfect time to plan a travelling trip to experience a bit of the world for myself. My long term goal is to spend my life seeing as much of the world as I can and experience the many different cultures, but top of my list right now is most definitely visiting some of the amazing cities in Italy.

Become more organised

Somehow I think that this will be the one I am most likely to fail, being that I am probably the most unorganised person on the planet and this is one of those resolutions which is easy to start but so incredibly hard to keep up. For example, sometimes when you're really tired at night, you can't  be bothered to hang up your clothes after taking them off and thus the floordrobe is born. This is just one of many things I need to improve on, half the reason I never seem to be able to find anything is because I leave things all over the place and I'm far too messy. I wrote a blog post of Ways to be a more organised student which I am trying my best to follow and I now have a notebook of blogging ideas rather than a million little scraps of paper dotted around my bedroom.

Work hard and do well at my first year of university

Since being at university I have gained this motivation and determination to be successful at everything I do. Although this is good, it means that I am constantly in competition with myself, a total perfectionist and things like exams completely stress me out. I am determined to achieve a first in my degree after having rather underwhelming A-level results after really not working hard enough and scraping into university. I feel like I have a point to prove to myself that I am smarter than people think I am.

Be more positive

Sometimes I am guilty of focusing on the negative side of a situation and being a bit of a pessimist. It wont be easy but I think it's time to start being a lot more positive in every aspect of life and believe in myself a lot more. Self confidence is something that I have struggled with for too long now, constantly picking out my negative attributes rather than seeing the good points about who I am. Everyone has positive attributes and its up to us to remind ourselves of them every day. There is so much in life to be positive about and by just changing the way you think you can achieve great things.

I hope everyone as a great time welcoming in the new year, lets hope it turns out to be a happy and successful one. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me,  I'll see you on the other side!

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