Blogmas #2 - 9 Things I love about Winter

1. The fresh winter air, which I find perfect for an early morning run to wake you up and get you motivated for the day. It also feels so much more fresh after the hot and humid summer months.

2. Wearing jumpers, scarves and hats is one of my favourite parts of winter and I love all of the festive patterns and colours that suddenly come into fashion at this time of year.

3. It is a great excuse to stay indoors and not feel guilty about it, the cold rainy days provide the perfect opportunity lose yourself reading a good book or binge watching TV series on Netflix while totally not avoiding coursework..obviously this would be done while indulging in a hot chocolate, which brings me onto my next point...

4. Hot chocolate! Winter seems to activate my hot chocolate addiction, my favourite so far this year has to be the Costa chocolate brownie hot chocolate, and I would recommend adding marshmallows to make it extra delicious!

5. Log fire places and cold weather go hand in hand, there is nothing better than relaxing in front of an open fire after returning from a long winter walk. Although we are lacking a fire place in the flat at university (which I am super sad about) so I have to make do with huddling up to a little electric heater which just isn't the same. I still love that smoky smell in the air which brings back so many happy memories of this time of year.

6. Christmas markets. I love getting caught up in the festive atmosphere of the Christmas markets, I really enjoy the lights and the festive music music playing and there is always such a happy buzz in the air. I am so excited for my first one this year in Lincoln where I will probably end up spending far too much money on delicious food and buying unique little gifts for people. It is supposed to be one of the biggest and best in the UK so expect lots of pictures from that!

7. SNOW! After the rather disappointing lack of snow last year I am hoping that mother nature will be kind and make this year into a winter wonderland, especially since I live further up north now. I am a big kid at heart and still love the snowball fights, igloo building and how beautiful the snow makes everything look,

8. One perk of living with flatmates who are all going home at different points during December is that we will have a good excuse to get on our Christmas jumpers and enjoy multiple farewell Christmas dinners, where we will no doubt go all out and prepare huge amounts of turkey, roast potatoes, veg (except sprouts of course) and all the trimmings mmm.

9. Spending the holidays with my family is always a bonus. As fun as living independently and making tonnes of new friends at university is, when you spend months away on your own away from family, you do start to miss them. It is really rare that all of my family have time to be in the same place at the same time as they are scattered about the place so it is always nice when we get together to catch up and celebrate at Christmas.

What are your favourite parts about winter?

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