A trip to the Norfolk broads

Working two jobs full time on my gap year may mean that i am earning a lot of much needed money ready for university, but it also means that it is rare that I get time to take a break from my busy and hectic life to recover and relax. Recently, I finally had a free weekend and decided to spend it with my family.

A lot of my relatives live in different places so it can be difficult to see them very often, so it was nice when my grandparents came to visit from Ipswich for a day.

I love to sit out in the garden on a summers day, so since we moved into our new home, we have been working hard to renovate the tired looking garden which was definitely in need of a bit of TLC. This included planting an endless amount of different flowers, laying grass and building a new shed as well as some bits and bobs for the birds. From a young age I have always liked helping mum with the garden work so I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, and it is so satisfying sitting down at the end of it and seeing what a difference all the hard work has made. Plus, now that it is summer and all the flowers are in full bloom it looks rather stunning.



We spent the day with my grandparents chatting away and catching up before a family BBQ. In my opinion, nothing is better than relaxing outside on a warm summer evening and enjoying a tasty burger.

On Sunday we decided to take a trip down to the Norfolk broads, which has been one of my favourite places since I first visited as a small child. I forgot how amazingly scenic that the broads were and how much I love them. For anyone that has not visited the Norfolk broads before, they are basically a huuuge 303 sqare km area of marshland and a vast network of rivers jam packed full of boats and wildlife.

A little boat forgotten and abandoned. 

We then stopped at a cute little tea room full of  for a refreshing and much needed cup of coffee. On the walls were so many unique and amazing hand-crafted clocks made from wood with animal designs carved into them.

Such a nice view of the Norfolk broads to end a lovely day with my family.

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