Boxing Day Fun - Visiting the Baby Seals

Good Evening, I hope that you all had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas day! It has always been a family tradition of ours to venture out of the house for a long, refreshing boxing day walk, burning off the gazillion calories from the huge, but utterly delicious, Christmas roast and far too much chocolate from the day before. It was a beautifully clear (but horrifically cold and windy) winters day, so this year we decided to wrap up warm and go to see all of the baby seals down by the north Norfolk coast, which, despite living only a few miles away, I have never done before. We had to struggle on a few miles before stumbling upon the cute little baby seals, who spend the day lazing about the beach while their parents go out hunting for food, and every so often they will flap their flippers which in my mind just looks like they're giving you a little wave!

Warning: prepare your eyes for major baby seal cuteness..

Did you get up to much on Boxing day?

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