Blogmas #6 - Christmas dinner

You hear so many stories at university about people not getting along with their flat mates or spending a lot of time arguing about little things. I am so lucky to have ended up living with such an amazing group of people who are always there for each other and I consider them to be more of my university family than just regular friends. Today was officially our flat Christmas day before we all go home for the holidays, which we spent watching festive films, exchanging secret Santa gifts, listening to Christmas music and preparing a delicious roast dinner,

Considering none of us are amazing cooks, and I am so clumsy that I may have already almost burnt down the flat by accidentally setting an oven glove on fire (but we won't go into that), things actually went pretty smoothly and I am quite proud of how the food turned out. It definitely makes a change from the usual boring student cooked meals and it smelt absolutely amazing! We also went all out and had a two course dessert of chocolate fudge cake and strawberry cheesecake which were both sooo good, but I was a little too excited to eat them and forgot to take pictures.. It was such a great way to end the first semester and probably some of the best few months of my life at university with awesome friends, good music and tasty food.

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