Out With the Old, In With the New

Something I have really wanted to do for a while now is completely redesign my blog as I wanted it to better portray me and have a more professional and completed look rather than the scrappy unfinished feel which has been bugging me for sooo long. So, I decided to take a few days out from blogging and finally get round to updating it, and I am so pleased at how everything has turned out!

For the past few days I have spent many an hour relentlessly trying to hunt for the perfect blog template for me. I am a bit of a self confessed perfectionist and like every little detail to be exactly how I want it, which makes the task of finding a template that I am happy with that much more difficult. After what seems like forever, I finally settled on one after stumbling across a design on pipdig which was super reasonably priced, looked great and took literally a few minutes to install which was just what I was looking for. After a bit of tinkering around I am finally so happy with the overall look and feel of the design and layout, there is something about having a blog that you are proud of that makes you so much more motivated to blog more.

There is still a few bits and pieces that I want to improve, lets call it a work in progress, but I really hope everybody likes it.. I would definitely like to know in the comments what you think, or any advice to make it even better!

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