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So, its finally British Summer Time and bloggers up and down the country will be rejoicing in gaining those extra few hours of daylight in the evening, dedicated to cramming in extra blog photography. I thought that the start of spring would be the perfect excuse to get out in the evening sunshine (truthfully it was bloomin' freezing and windy) and take some photographs for a new fashion post, consisting of a few items of clothing that I have been loving recently and to hopefully give some style inspiration to a few of you reading.

 I don't really think I really fit into a particular type of style category when it comes to clothes as I am  so indecisive and always try to experiment with different looks and types of outfits. Working out and eating healthily is a difficult lifestyle change that I have adopted in order to gain a body that I am happy with and lot more self confidence in my image. As I start to notice a positive change in myself and grow in confidence, I begin to gain self-belief in my ability to look good and stand out, while being a lot more original and unique with my outfit choices.

 I have recently acquired an addiction to shirts, especially of the denim variety, which I find make a perfect replacement for jackets as we slowly creep towards summer and the weather begins to get warmer again. I think denim is something that not everyone really suits, which is why I was never really sure that I could pull off the look when I was younger and never really thought about trying it out again until now. There are several different ways that you can wear a shirt, including that indie buttoned up to the top look that I usually go for (you can see this in my other fashion post here), but recently I have been enjoying experimenting with a scruffy unbuttoned shirt and rolled up sleeves , which creates a much more casual and relaxed look, enabling you to incorporate a shirt into your everyday routine without looking overdressed.

The shirt is from H&M which is one of my favourite clothes shops at the moment, literally because of how inexpensive and good quality that the clothes seem to be. Sometimes I don't really understand why you would pay a ridiculous amount of money for an item of clothing just for the brand when you can find the exact same thing for a lot less money elsewhere, so I purchased this denim shirt for something like £7, which I find to be exceptionally good value for money, I am also wearing my cross necklace from Warren James (you can see it better along with more of my jewellery here) because I think it really stands out to have a necklace hanging down the middle, really adding a bit more personality and giving that completed feel to the outfit.

I find that when it comes to shoes you really do get what you pay for, which is why I opted for Nike, who have always been my absolute 'go to' for a reliable and athletically pleasing pair of shoes. I love the look of high tops, which are basically a more casual version of boots and these were one of those pairs of shoes that were just calling out to be bought when I stumbled upon them in the shop! The lighting makes them look a little darker in the top two photos but they are actually a navy blue colour which I think complements the shirt quite well when separated by the trusty black skinny jeans (I do wear other trousers, trust me!)

I just wanted to finish by saying a quick thank you to everyone that takes time out of their busy day to read my blog or those that are kind enough to leave thoughtful comments. I recently hit 10,000 views on Blogger James which may not seem much to some people but it is such a crazy milestone for me, considering that I never thought anyone would even be interested in what I have to say. The only way is up from here and things can only get bigger for this little piece of the internet that I like to call mine. Thank you all for your support on my blogging journey so far!


Arianne said...

LOVE that outfit ;) love everything about it!


Jamie said...

I love your shoes! I recently got a pair of nikes for the benefit of my ankle health and will never look back - love the blue :) Jamie xox

Monika said...

I have to agree with the ladies below - those shoes are great! This is my 1st time here but definitely congrats on the 10,000 views! Always nice to hear good news.


tike mik said...

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tayyab ali said...

Hello, I love your shoes! I recently got a pair of nikes for the benefit of my ankle health and will never look back - love the blue.Joker coat

Ruben Wilson said...

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imran said...

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OpioidClinicsinjohnsonCityTN said...

The red and black dress is beautiful. I would definitely want to wear it. But the black and white striped outfit with the long tunic-no way! The corset would have been the end of me; I get sick on my stomach if my clothes are too tight.Matterhorn

OpioidClinicsinjohnsonCityTN said...

Hello, I have to agree with the ladies below - those shoes are great! This is my 1st time here but definitely congrats on the 10,000 views! Always nice to hear good news.women's poncho scarf

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