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Until recently I have always been really happy with my sense of style and pretty confident in picking out clothes which suit me, but there has always been that underlying feeling that something is missing from my outfits to make them feel more 'complete'. I then began to realise that, except for the odd tacky bracelet that I probably picked up on some Spanish holiday, I never really wore any form of jewellery to complement what I was wearing. Being a guy, I foolishly neglected jewellery as being more of a girl's domain and never really gave it a second thought, but was made to eat my words when I kept stumbling upon different necklaces and rings that I liked and quite quickly became addicted to finding and buying jewellery that reflected my personality and really added to making an outfit stand out.

Recently I have purchased a few different necklaces and rings that I am really happy with, have been complemented on and wear all of the time so I thought that it might be a good idea to share them to give others some inspiration. I am a little picky when it comes to jewellery and can spend hours looking through items before finally finding something that I actually like and can picture myself wearing, but you can see from the pictures I mostly tend to go for silvers, golds and blacks as I find these colours literally complement any outfit and go along with whatever colour outfit that you decide to wear. 

I have recently acquired a love for the unbuttoned shirt with a plain t-shirt underneath, a look which a hanging necklace can really complete. The cross necklace is from Warren James, who actually have a great selection of male and female jewellery and sometimes the best place to find a good quality necklace that looks great too is (surprise, surprise) at a jewellers. The eagle and feather necklace is actually from my absolute favourite place to shop at the moment, Topman who have a clever range of jewellery where you can kinda build your own necklace by picking and choosing the chain and little charms that you have attached to it, allowing you to create yourself the perfect little necklace.

Rings are another new obsession for me, with my collection steadily building as I show my 'lack of self control' side and end up buying way more than I need. The one on the left was purchased from Topman, who have a range of rustic looking and inexpensive rings that really suit my style, perfect for anybody that wants to accessorise on a budget. The ring on the right is probably my favourite of the collection that I have, again from Warren James, which was actually a really nice present from my mum. I just really love the style and modern feel of titanium rings with a different coloured band down the middle, and especially the textured look of the black band on this particular one.

Last but not least is this wonderful ring that I picked up from the brilliant new monochrome abstract art ring collection at icedrainbow.com. There were a range of colours to choose from but I went for the black as I thought that it really fit in well with my sense of style and personality. Sometimes its nice to purchase something from the smaller companies that put a lot of passion and effort into their little, unique and hand made products.

I definitely recommend heading over to all of these places if you are looking for a way to further enhance your style in the form of jewellery, and I hope that you have gained a little inspiration yourselves from my little collection. I am always on the hunt for new items to share, and plus this post is also a little sneak peak of my outfit post that will appear on the blog in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled!


Becster said...

Looking very stylish I must admit! I love the black and white ring - it's simple yet gorgeous!

Arianne said...

my favorite male accessory is the leather cuff or bracelets (not metals, though).. they make the forearms look extra attractive :)


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