My Week In Pictures - Positivity Edition

University deadline week and the dreaded hardcore revision period has officially begun, so this week I have really been struggling a little to cope with stress and being someone that worries a lot about the smallest things, I don't really deal very well with it. This means that I have been a little below par in regards to my usual happiness and positivity, which is why I thought it would be a perfect idea to release all of this built up stress in the form of blogging and sum up some of the positives of the last week to inject a bit of motivation, inspiration and take my mind off of the stresses of life for a little while.

The closer we get to that warmer, happier time or year, the more the evenings begin to draw out again. As well as being  ideal for extra hours of blog photography, this makes me incredibly excited for warm summer evenings full of adventures, tasty barbecues and beautiful sunsets. One of my favourite times to go running is in the evening, just as the sun begins to set in the sky, turning everything into a gorgeous shade of gold, creating the perfect stress relief after a busy, hectic day. If you're a huge fan of sunsets like me, you can see some more of the amazing sunsets that I have experienced in my 'Sunset Porn' post here.

I am trying my best to eat as healthy as possible with the aim of completely improving my lifestyle for the better, and I am really starting to see the positive effects emerging from all of my hard work and (relatively good) self control, finally achieving a body that I am happy with for the first time in my life, but every so often you just need to release stress with a pig out of your favourite food and boost moral, this usually being in the form of pizza for me, one of my true comfort foods at the moment! I plan to experiment with more healthy pizza bases and topping alternatives so that I can eat them more often without that guilty, unhealthy after feeling afterwards. This weeks speciality was sausage, pork, beef, smoked prosciutto, oregano, rosemary and spinach (spinach makes it healthy right?) 

Most people tend to judge me because I am an 'elegant knife and fork pizza eater' and 'pinkie finger lifter when drinking from a glass' which apparently makes me super posh, basically makes me Made In Chelsea material, yah?

This little guy brings me endless amounts of happiness. His name is Charlie and he has been my best friend for the past 15 years, accompanying me through life ever since my first day of first school. I don't know what I would do without him and really don't know how people manage to cope without a pet dog around, they make such great companions, always appreciate your company and they are super cute too! I always miss having this mischievous one around when I am away at university, it almost feels like something is missing when he is not around, bugging me for attention, food or effortlessly convincing me to take him out on walks with his innocent puppy dog eyes, so it was such a boost being able to see him over Easter!

Eat Natural bars have become my new addiction in life. They make an amazing relatively healthy, substantial and satisfying alternative snack to cake and biscuits while also tasting delicious, unlike a lot of other cardboard-y healthy snack bars. Eat natural bars are packed full of natural ingredients and high in protein which is perfect for a post workout snack. 'Peanuts and Chocolate' is my current favourite, mostly because I love peanuts, coconut and honey, which all contribute to a mouth-watering combination of ingredients. Highly recommended, James approved *thumbs up*.

The beach is one of my absolute favourite places to be, no matter what time of year it happens to be, but especially in the summer months. I was fortunate enough to live a relatively close drive away from the coast back home in Norwich, but unfortunately at university I am miles away from a walk by the sea, the relaxing crashing sound of waves and a beautiful golden sandy landscape like this one. They do say that 'you don't know what you have until it is gone' which is why I now cherish every moment that I get to spend enjoying sandy walks and fresh sea air. Of course you can't go to the beach without indulging in a delicious fish and chips (yes it's very clear that food is pretty much the key to my happiness!) and skimming a few stones into the sea, releasing my inner child. 

What made you happy this week?


With Love, Lottie said...

Your little dog is SO cute and that pizza looks amazing. I'm craving pizza now!
XO Lottie

Natasha said...

I love that beach side photo and your dog is so cute! I remember the university deadlines creeping up and all of the impending revision, but don't worry, you'll ace it all I'm sure and then you can chill out and enjoy the summer! Great post. - Tasha

Megan @ said...

Good luck with your deadlines! Food is definitely the key to my happiness too - and there's nothing wrong with being a knife-and-fork pizza eater!

Becster said...

Yay someone else who eats a pizza with a knife and fork! :) Your pizza does look nice - was that homemade? Charlie is a cutiepie! Good luck with all the uni stuff.

Clementine said...

I too worry about the smallest things. I get so worked up and then it just builds up. I wake up a lot in the night too because of this. But i'm learning how to control it. Im a huge book lover and I find that reading before I go to bed really helps me get a better nights sleep. Just little things like that, that can make a huge difference. I also like to look at nature outside, this makes me happy. I could watch the birds outside eating the seed all day.
Clem x
ps I too eat pizza with a knife and fork! It gets messy otherwise :) and love your photos. Great post. Charlie is so cute.

Ayre said...

Appearances really are deceitful because I didn't take you for someone who worries about the little things. You're always so positive!

Have you tried using pesto for your pizza instead of tomato sauce? It's healthier and probably would be a new experience. Also, if you really want to go the healthy route, skip the meats and just put veggies. We have gluten free pizza crusts here and out of sheer laziness, whenever me and my friends make them, we never use meat. We do use really high quality cheeses: smoked gouda, maybe some smoked gruyere.. oh yes :)

Ayre said...

I put on spa music on Pandora and set it on a sleep timer so it will turn itself off. It makes sure that I have a peaceful sleep :)

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