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Its not long now before I have to pack up all of my belongings and make a new start in a strange new house. As it gets closer to the moving day I am beginning to panic about just how much needs to be done. Today I made a start on sorting through the endless amounts of crap stashed in my cupboard, that I have hoarded over the years, and came across some rather old and dusty baby photos. I love finding old bits and pieces like drawings and photos which bring back such awesome memories of the good ol' days as a crazy kid.

This is by far my favourtie photo of me as a baby, enjoying my first ever Christmas.

Dinner time has always been my favourite part of the day!

Looking like a true fashion icon with my stripey top and dungarees. 

I think that I look rather like a train driver here, chilling in the sun with my sippy cup.

It makes me feel so nostalgic and happy looking through old photographs (even the reeeally embarrassing, cringey ones). It's so special having memories such as your first Christmas on camera, and always funny seeing how much your appearance & fashion sense have changed over the years. I cant believe these photos have been neglected at the back of my wardrobe all this time, definitely going to have to find a photo frame to keep them in.

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