New Beginning

I am currently writing this blog post sitting on my crumpled new bed sheets, while surrounded by various clutter and boxes filled to the brim with my personal possesions, recovering from a long and tiring day of moving to our new house and totally avoiding the chore of unpacking.

Considering the amount of packing, moving and lifting that we had to achieve in one day, the moving day actually went much better than I expected. We decided to do the moving ourselves instead of hiring removal men, so after a super early start to the day my family all had to muck in together to get the removal van loaded and transport our belongings to our new home. It was a looong 10 hour day of lifting which left me with sore muscles and an aching body but it feels worth it now after everything is done.

One of the down sides to moving house is that, unless you are a really organised person (which I wish I was but im really not), you never seem to be able to find anything that you need after moving because it is either still packed away in boxes or it has been placed somewhere else in the house so, for example, you end up looking in every cupboard in the kitchen just to find a plate! Also, it may seem weird, but does anyone else think that the smell of your house is something that makes it feel like your home? Walking into this house with it's new home smell makes it seem like someone else lives here, but its probably just me being odd haha.

It always feels weird to begin with living in a strange new house when I'm used to going home every day to the same old place and sleeping in a familiar bed. Although this new house is just a 5 minute drive from my old house, it is a totally different built up area opposed to more of a contryside environment where we used go live. To be honest it is quite sad leaving our old family home behind, but change is good and you have to look foward to the future, and I am excited to make a fresh new beggining here and hoping that, in the coming months, it will start to feel a lot more like home.

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