March favourites

I cant believe that its almost April already, this year seems to be flying by so fast! I thought that I would stop and take a moment to look back on the things I have been loving the past month.

Home-made ginger biscuits

One of my earliest childhood memories is of visiting my Nan in Ipswich, who just happens to be the BEST baker of cakes that I know. She would (and still does) make the most amazing home-made scones, chocolate muffins, and my favourite, ginger biscuits! Since I have been seeing my Nan a lot more the past month, I have been munching on a fair few of these bad boys. Also, it turns out that ginger is so good for you, preventing colds and flu, reducing inflammation & has been known to be good for your skin too, so you don't have to feel as bad whilst you indulge yourself!

The Game of thrones book series

This is a series of books that I absolutely adore. Once you pick up the first book, you honestly wont be able to stop reading. I seriously recommend the 'A song of wind and fire' series to anybody that enjoys fantasy, Kings and Queens style genres, and being number 1 on most book charts, a lot of people seem to agree with me. Unfortunately, I finished the last book in the series a few days ago which sucks for someone as impatient as me, especially since the next book is still being written. Oh well, looks like I will have to make do with being addicted to the TV series in the mean time instead!

5 Seconds of summer

I am an absolute music addict, listening to music at every given opportunity, so I love finding new artists or songs that I have never listened to before. I came across 5 seconds of summer by chance, when I accidentally clicked on a link that led me to one of their songs, and I was hooked from the first listen. 5 seconds of summer are an Australian band whose songs follow a kind of pop rock genre. If you haven't heard them before, I definitely recommend that you go and have a listen.

Battlefield 4

A bit late, I know, considering the game came out last year, but I finally got round to picking up a copy towards the start of the month. Normally I am a massive fan of Call of Duty, but I fancied a change and decided to go for Battlefield, having never played any of the previous versions, and I am happy to say that I didnt regret it one bit! I love every aspect of the online multiplayer of Battlefield 4, especially the rush and obliteration game modes and the large variety of maps available. I am sure that I will be addicted to it for many more months to come!

I cant wait to see what April brings.

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