Wednesday in a nutshell

●  I am the sort of person that very rarely ever gets sick, but when i do it hits me really hard. Today I was finally able to spring out of my bed feeling refreshed after 3 days of coughing and sneezing while suffering from a bad case of man flu. I thought I had escaped being ill this year after managing to survive all winter without getting sick once..but nooo, just as the lovely weather starts I come down with a summer cold.

● Me and Dad spent the day working hard to finish decorating our new house before the big moving day tomorrow. As well as putting together awesome new furniture and a whole lot of heavy lifting, we also managed to successfully put up wallpaper in two of the bedrooms for the feature walls. Being a bit of a wallpapering rookie, I didn't realise how difficult it is cutting the paper to the right size and matching up the pattern, but after a lot of frustration and the occasional tea break, we were pleased with the end result. Not bad for a clumsy guy like me. ;) Being the most unorganised person ever, its safe to say that I am still running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out my endless amounts of possessions and getting packed, aaaah!

● With all the stress of moving and decorating, I have been relying heavily on music and reading to clear my mind of stress and relax. One of my favourite albums to listen to at the moment is The Vamps' Meet the Vamps I have only recently started listening to them and highly recommend checking them out!

I am currently enjoying reading The fault in our stars, written by the ever so talented John Green. Having heard so much positive feedback about the book from pretty much every review, I thought it was worth giving it a read. Being more of a fantasy/ sci-fi/ horror fan when it comes to books, I was actually really surprised how much I love reading it, mainly down to how well written the book is. There is such a powerful story line and a bit of something for everyone (love, comedy, sadness). The storyline really makes you reconsider the choices that you make, and appreciate how much you should make the most of life. Definitely worth a read.

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