Mens Fashion: Smart Casual Outfit Inspiration

Being 100 miles away at university often means that I don't get a lot of chance to spend time with my family, so it was good to visit back home again for a few days to celebrate mum's birthday. On one evening we all got dressed up and went out to dinner at a fancy little country pub restaurant. I thought it might be a good idea to show the smart casual outfit that I ended up wearing for anyone looking for a bit of fashion inspiration and to give you a sense of my style.

I love denim shirts at the moment and this washed blue one is pretty much my go to option when I need to dress up smart for a night out or special occasion while still maintaining  a casual feel too. In my opinion you can never go wrong with black skinny jeans, they literally seem to go with everything, I usually buy mine from Primark because I have had a really bad history of always managing to split jeans, and plus I think most jeans kinda look the same, regardless of the brand..Also I am currently going through a phase of wearing boots/high tops religiously as they look great with a smart/casual outfit and suit the winter weather.

Of course you can't take any photos without my nosey dog trying to get involved and wanting to steal all the attention by pulling cute little derpy faces.

Blue denim shirt - River Island
Black skinny jeans - Primark
Brown boots - Topman


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Anna said...

It's awesome to hear about your love for denim shirts, especially the washed blue one that serves as your go-to option for dressing up smart while maintaining a casual vibe. Pairing it with black skinny jeans is a classic choice, and I totally get the practicality of opting for ones from Primark. Your experience with jeans is relatable, and you've found a solution that works for you. The choice of boots/high tops to complement your smart/casual outfits during the winter adds a stylish touch. It's evident that you've curated a wardrobe that aligns with both your hermes birkin fashion preferences and practical considerations. Keep rocking those denim shirts and stylish combos!

Twelve said...

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