Mother's day

Its mothers day, where you take a day out of your busy schedule to celebrate just how wonderful your mum is. While im standing here preparing a mother's day breakfast treat, trying not to drift off after waking up super early, I thought I would write a post on just how amazing my mum is.

I dont think some people realise just how much their mum has done for them in the past, and if you're anything like me, you dont get chance to thank them anywhere near as much as you should. I cant even imagine how difficult it must have been to carry a little baby James inside her stomach for 9 whole months and give birth to me as well! (and thankfully will never have to find out, few!). My mum was there to comfort me when I had nightmares, to teach me my first words and to help me learn how to ride a bike, picking me up when I fell amd telling me to try again.

Every Sunday morning my mum would act as a taxi service taking me all over the countryside to play football, standing on the sideline cheering me on whatever the weather. As well as this my mum always pushed me to do well at school, making me do homework and spend the majority of my free time revising for exams, and forcing me out of bed on the most miserable of Monday mornings. It would get frustrating at the time, but i see now that she just wanted me to do well and I wouldnt be the person I am today without her.

Mums support you through everything, and no matter how much of a naughty child, moody teenager or stubborn adult you are, she will always love you.

So while you are spoiling your mother with cards and gifts and enjoying a lovely Sunday roast on mothers day, just take a minute to appeciate and thank her for just how incredible she is.

Me (in the really cool thomas the tank engine jumper and chinos), my brother and sister with my mum.

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