I spent the mojority of today doing a bit of spring cleaning (so much fun...not), which included tidying up my ever so messy bedroom. While sorting through some old ps2 and computer games I managed to stumble upon an old gem of a movie from when I was younger. 

I remember going along to my first car boot sale when I was around 6 or 7 years old, full of anticipation for finding some fun games or add to my ever growing obssession of pokemon cards, for a bargain price. At one of the stalls I picked up this box with a funny blue ant on the front, with no idea what it actually was as this was the time of the VHS and DVDs were just starting to emerge, and a few minutes later (with a bit of little bit of convincing  and sweet talking to my mum) I brought my first DVD.

This movie brings back so many memories of the numerous times I watched it during my childhood such as the long, winter walks in the English countryside with my family. We would get home cold and achey and slump down on the sofa to watch bugs life while mum made us THE BEST hot chocolate to warm up. It was really one of those films where I could watch it over and over again and still absolutely love it.

I would love to know about any of your childhood memories!

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