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Red nose day is one of those things that I always loved as a child, taking in the pound coin for non-uniform day at school, putting on my little red nose and usually being that one weird kid who liked to spray paint my hair red. It really is a charity that I have always been passionate about supporting, mainly because of how much of a difference that they make to young people's lives here in the UK and in Africa.

Comic relief have provided so many amazing opportunities and life saving aid to people in the world, most of whom without this generosity would most probably not be alive today, including:
  • Helping over 1 million children in Africa to gain access to an education, something that we take for granted (and really do like to complain about) every single day.
  • Helping 3 million people affected HIV, this is something that is a major problem in Africa and the money goes towards educating people about this this easily preventable disease and helping those who have lost loved ones to this disease.
  • Helped distribute 600,000 mosquito nets to protect over 6 million people in Africa from malaria
  • Setting up the National Domestic Violence helpline, which has reached out to over 1.5 million people since starting, something which is potentially saving lives every single day.

These, along with so many other projects being funded by the money raised by comic relief are the reason that it is so important to support them by giving whatever you can this Red Nose day. There is still much more to be done and always people that need help, which sadly requires money in the form of fundraising. Your donations really do help to change lives and make a real difference to people both here in the UK and Africa who are less fortunate than yourselves.

2 million children died last year literally because they didn't have access to enough food to eat, a number that is so astonishingly upsetting in this modern day where there is more than enough food in the world to go around and especially considering how much food we waste here in the UK every meal time. It is really amazing when you think about how much we take for granted and the smallest, most insignificant things that we tend to complain about literally on a daily basis, without realising how lucky and privileged that we are to lead the lives that we do. You wake up every day with clean water, more than enough food to eat, and a job or education to further enhance your future..things that others are not lucky enough to have.

So, take a quiet moment today to have a little think about the things that you tend to take for granted and start appreciating them as much as possible, try to help others and perform random acts of kindness and make sure to purchase yourself a little red nose. Not all heroes come in the form of a mask and cape, you can literally save lives and help make a positive difference in the world from your own home by donating or fundraising, no matter how small the amount considering that every little donation really counts, making yourself a real hero.


Manisha Anwari2 said...

I always make the most of the little breathing. when I get a blocked nose I regret not making the nose and breathing through my nose as much as possible like "CURSE YOU MANISHA WHYY:

Amber Davey said...

Honestly the distribution of wealth in this world makes me sick. It's the people in power who could do something yet they are so greedy they do nothing and don't care. I hate how much food people waste, throwing out food that is past is best by date or supermarkets having to throw out tons of food. Disgusting. I was so furious about the ice bucket challenge. I know it was to raise money but think of all that clean, drinkable water just being thrown into the ground when there are many more people who die from lack of clean water than from motor neuron disease. I mean motor neuron disease is awful, I had a family friend with it and he died. So I appreciate the effort and the people who actually DID donate. But it's just so westernized and selfish and ignorant that the only way that could be done was by throwing water away. Imagine if they showed us doing it on screens to people who are dying without clean water. They'd think we are barbaric and evil.

Sorry for the rant haha. I just think you are dead right, people need to think much more about this. Not just to donate a bit of money, but to change their lifestyle. Stop wasting food and encourage others not to, same goes for water! People need to have a little more respect. Thank you for posting this :)

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