Super Scrumptious Summer Smoothie

I think that I have gone a little smoothie mad. I have become obsessed with trying out new combinations and finding that perfect balance between looks, taste and healthiness to get more fruity goodness into my diet! Today I'm coming at you with another of my favourite smoothie recipes for you to try out and enjoy for yourself, because it really is too good not to share. This smoothie contains absolutely perfect ingredients to provide you with the most delicious and tasty refreshment on a hot, summer day, while also maintaining a super healthy kick.

Green tea powder is super healthy but it also manages to turn everything into a slightly greenish brown coloured concoction, resulting in something that may not seem much in terms of aesthetics, but is totally a sacrifice worth making for such a genuinely amazing tasting drink, packed full of antioxidants. Plus, everything green automatically means more healthy right?! I would even put it out there that it is probably the best tasting smoothie I have ever made, and I have made a few!

There are only 6 simple ingredients needed to create this smoothie:
- Pineapple
- Apple      
- Spinach   
- Strawberries
- Blueberries
- Matcha Green Tea Powder

Strawberries are not only for accompanying avid tennis watchers during Wimbledon season, they are pretty much the fruity symbol of British summer, not to mention delicious, while pineapple really adds a delightful tropical twist. Spinach forms a large part of my diet, so I am always looking to sneak it in to different recipes in different ways in order to add a little excitement into the same old ingredients. This dark leafy green provides a tonne of protein, iron and minerals which are important for healthy skin, hair and bones! I would really recommend introducing some of these summery ingredients to the realms of your freezer or adding ice before blending to provide you with an incredibly satisfying, extra slushy, cooling texture, perfect for that warm summer evening! (warning: will most probably result in brain freeze).

I usually drink smoothies as a healthy snack to keep away all of those pesky food cravings which never seem let me have a moments rest (damn you fast metabolism!) and have recently been accompanying them with nakd bars, which have become like my new addiction. If you have never had a nakd bar before, they are a range of healthy gluten free snack bars made from natural ingredients, pressed together rather than being baked. A lot of healthy snacks seem to taste rather earthy, bland or raw which is why it is so nice to find a genuinely great tasting and guilt free alternative.They come in a variety of unique little flavours, my personal favourite being the cocoa crunch (although bakewell tart does come in at a close second), the perfect substitute for a chocolate bar and packed full of protein for post gym nutrients.Together, this is a combination that provides you with a low calorie and healthy but completely scrumptious snack alternative!


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Kamogelo said...

I'm always looking for new smoothies to try out! I usually have them for breakfast when I'm in a rush. two-fruit smoothies don't keep me full for long, so I'll definitely try this smoothie out. I've heard a lot of good things about Nakd bars, but I'm yet to try them out! :)

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