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It quite surprised me the other morning when I opened my wardrobe and found that I had a complete lack of summery clothes, the ones I did have being plain styles with boring colours. This was definitely a good cause to go clothes shopping and update my wardrobe. I gave myself a rule to opt for a range of summery clothes that were colourful with a variety of different patterns and styles and ended up purchasing these:

Floral Snap Back - Primark

I have wanted a floral snap back for a while now but I was never able to find any that I liked or suited me. This one caught my eye straight away when I walked into Primark, and at £4, it is an absolute bargain!

American Freshman Trucker Hat - River Island

This hat is a slightly different style to a snap back but, like every other river island product I have brought in the past, it is such amazing quality and looks great too.

Blue Ombre Floral Shirt - River Island

This is my absolute favourite purchase and one of the t-shirts that I wear the most. It is such an eye catching floral pattern and I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it!

Tiger Print Shirt - Primark

I love how this is more of a striking and unusual shirt and even though I would not normally wear things like this, I actually love it.

England Themed Shirt - ASDA

This combines my love for both football, England and the colour red.

Blue Striped Vest - ASDA

Simple yet it looks so good, this vest was an absolute bargain and fits perfectly.

English Football Vest - Peacocks

Another footballing styled item, which combines old style writing with modern colours.

Cool Patterned Socks - Primark

Yes, technically not summer related but I couldn't resist buying these patterned socks which I just think are so cool don't you agree? ;) .. definitely a nice change from plain and boring socks!

I would love to know what you think about these purchases and I hope that they inspire you to add some colour and creativity to your wardrobe this summer!

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