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The north Norfolk coastline definitely has it's fair share of hidden gems, including beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for a scenic stroll beside the sea on a warm summers day. I have always loved the fact that I only live 30 minutes away from a walk on the beach and like many other people, dream of one day owning a little beach house overlooking the sea. Other than an incredibly strong wind making your eyes water and ruining your hair, the grassy sand dunes and blue(ish) waters provided the perfect backdrop to showcase a simple summer beach wear look. 

Choosing summer outfits that both look stylish and suit me personally is something that I have been really trying to improve on, especially considering that I fall into the habit of wearing the same clothing combinations far too often. It can be all too tempting to avoid wearing anything too extravagant when those hotter than expected summer months suddenly come around and you're pushed into shorts and tshirts to potentially avoid melting, before you've had a chance to burn off those winter fat reserves (essential for keeping warm obviously). I was excited to be challenged by Bonprix to create an August style outfit and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to show that it's possible to put together a simple yet effectively stylish summer beach wear look.

Considering that pretty much 90% of my wardrobe happens to be some form of blue, it's probably definitely safe to say that it is by far my favourite colour to wear. Combined with tartan and checker style patterns, the blue shorts really provide a focal point of the outfit, helping the lower half to contrast and stand out when sandwiched between neutral whites. I find that it's always such a satisfying feeling when you stumble upon a pair of shorts that are perfect for both the practicality of swimming while also stylish enough to combine with a range of different outfits rather than just having to settle for one or the other. It's also SO useful to have shorts with deep enough pockets that you can actually put things in, something that so many swim shorts annoyingly seem to lack! Now that we are finally going through a consistent period of gorgeous warm weather, something that can sometimes be hard to come by in this usually unpredictable country, these shorts have quickly become one of my wardrobe essentials for the remaining, and sadly ever dwindling, summer months.

Blue Tartan pattern shorts - Bonprix
Blue Checked pattern shorts - Bonprix
White shoes - Nike
White tshirt - Topman

Disclaimer: Some items in this post were gifted to me, all opinions are my own. Photographs by Sean Bickle.

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