Embracing Change

Change. To make the form, nature or content of something different from what is is or what what it would be if left alone. To become different, altered or modified.

Humans seem to have this constant need for normality and routine, so much so that we forget that change can actually be a positive thing worth embracing. People choose to stay with the familiar rather than branching out of their comfort zones, such as going to bed at the same time every night, eating the same meals, scheduling every little bit of their lives so that every day starts to feel the same, which makes it hard to adopt something different for fear of becoming less effective and efficient. You can really notice this uncomfortable feeling of wrongness when little things in your life suddenly change, for example an alteration in your daily routine, something not being put back in its correct place or even something as simple as having to replace an old worn pair of shoes that you have grown rather fond of. None of these things are dangerous or life-threatening but they all feel a little bit awkward.

Some people hopelessly try to battle the inevitable change that is happening all the time, believing that everything in life is fixed on a set pathway and trying their best to not deviate from it in any way. The secret to life is that change can lead to so many amazing and wonderful experiences that you never would have had the opportunity to have if you follow the same old routine for the rest of your life. If you do not go after what you want in life then you will never end up having it, if you don't ask questions then you will never become any wiser and if you do not step forward then you will always be stuck in the same place. Every morning when you wake up and climb out of bed is another new opportunity to change your life for the better, the trick is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting to maintain the old but building the new.

I think one major limitation for change is the constant peer pressure to 'fit in' with everyone around you rather than to stand out and be yourself. People are scared to upset the social order, to do something that they have never done before or change who they are in fear of being judged by others since the people that stand out from the normal are usually the easiest targets, but the truth is that you are getting more out of life by being your own person and putting yourself out there than someone who is afraid to be different. If you want something that you have never had before then you have to do something you've never done before to gain it. You have to grasp life with open arms and experience as much as possible, change is growth and usually for the better.

University was a major change in my life, which took a really long time to adjust to. You suddenly have to have a sense of independence to fend for yourself, like a bird leaving its nest for the very first time, which is far from easy after being mothered for your entire life. For someone that didn't even know how to iron until I was 19 and had trouble organising my underwear draw let alone my life, this was one change that I thought I was going to hopelessly struggle with, but surprisingly it was a lot easier than I thought. One of my life aims is to always embrace change, learn from it and use it to make myself a better person and to inspire others by how far I have come.

There are some simple ways to embrace change and you should probably start by realising that change is inevitable, a part of everyday life even if you don't realise it. At this very moment your whole body is growing and changing, the earth, climate, economy, even the colours of the leaves on the trees, all things you never really think about. You can choose to resist the urge to change or you can embrace it with positivity and see it as an exciting opportunity to take advantage and therefore improve yourself as a person because of it. Catch yourself off guard and aim to try something new every day that takes you out of your comfort zone, experience new foods, visit new places, do things that make you happy even if it involves shaking up your usual routine and it will change the way that you look at life.

Go against your instinct to turn your back on change and keep an open mind, instead of constantly holding yourself back, accept change as more of chance to learn and grow than a threat to your current situation. Be sure to remember as you live life that where you are today is because of all the choices and change that you have gone through in the past, that tomorrow depends on your frame of mind today, you are the controller of your own destiny and you can't expect radical positive changes if you do nothing to make it happen.

The truth is that there is only so much of the future that you can control, change is inevitable but the progress and success that you experience is all down to you. You only get one chance at life so start embracing change and learning to live with uncertainty, start making the most of opportunities and life to it full potential and I guarantee that change will lead you onto an existence full of exciting and wonderful opportunities

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Amber Davey said...

I used to think I was bad with change but now I think I'm pretty good with it. I actually think I'm the sort of person to prefer changes than to staying still for a long time. I get bored easily. Moving to uni for me was easy, my life was rock bottom so any change was gonna be good. And my life did a total U-turn and I'm bloody glad it did! I think after what I went through I know more than some how good change is and I totally embrace it. I didn't think before how people do schedule everything because of being efficient and that if we change something then our efficiency will become less, that's a really good point! xo

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